Could Sanders Split the Democratic Party?

Shawn Whitney, Canadian writer, filmmaker, and socialist, continues our discussion of the US elections. He argues that Marxists should be playing an active role in Sanders’ campaign because of its …

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Hillary Supporters: Seven Stages Of Grief

I think we’re all getting a little tired of this incessant hyperbole demonstrated by Hillary Clinton supporters who haven’t reached the point of acceptance in that a revolution is happening whether they (you) like it or not.

Though we feel strongly that Bernie Sanders should be the POTUS and would certainly move things along much quicker – he’s not a necessity. So, while we will fight to the bitter end to get him elected, and I really do mean the bitter end – one way or another, we’ll be continuing this fight on every front. We’re already mobilizing and working hard to get our “Berniecrats” in office, as well. Lawsuits geared to end the oppression of the vote are springing up all over the country. Activists are taking on issues across a wide array of venues and we’ve already accomplished more than our establishment media would dare to report.

So in lieu of the onslaught of invasive changes we all are presently faced with – I thought we could walk you (Hillary supporters) through the seven stages of grief, that way they can hopefully reach that point of acceptance sooner rather than later. It’s most certainly the way to unity instead of division. This bleeds through party lines, and affects all of us! But it’s okay, Hillary supporters, berners are here to help you through this.

1.) Shock.

I know it’s hard. Like a thorn in your side, at every turn, we just keep infiltrating your psyche! When Bernie announced his candidacy – he was essentially speaking to family reunion sized crowds in small venues and most of us had never even heard his name. Superdelegates had already assigned their votes to Hillary assuming there wouldn’t be another viable candidate – least of all a democratic socialist from Vermont. Then, like a brush fire – hundreds of thousands people started paying attention to him because he echoed the thoughts of so many across our nation. All of the sudden, BOOM! We couldn’t help but Feel The Bern! I know you all were excited about having a woman in the oval office but this man’s honesty fostered an incredible following that no one expected! Honesty being a trait that Hillary was sorely lacking.

Millions of minds and hearts ignited, at that point – which has sparked a revolution within the realm of politics and government. What a nuisance! With this revolution also came the Bernie or Bust movement, a revolt against plutocracy, and an ever-increasing distention within the Democratic Party. I know if you’re clicking the links, it’s a lot to take in. Deep breaths, Hillary supporters.

2.) Denial.

But “He’s a socialist!’ ‘He can’t get anything done that he says he’s going to do!’  Look at his delegate count!’ you cry (while you disregard disenfranchised voters)… This inflammatory hatespeech against Bernie, aside, by far and away, your most frightening denial is that of Hillary Clinton’s own record. You’re so quick to dismiss any allegations against Hillary, dubbing it “right wing slander,” that you completely ignore the choices she’s made, and votes she’s cast, and her many Wall Street backers which the majority of Sanders’ backers exclaim far moreso than anything having to do with her innumerable scandals.

Hillary Clinton is the poster child for establishment politics that has led to neutralization of too many of the American peoples’ core values. Even those policies she’s “evolved” on like same sex marriage, the Iraqi war, the TPP, and Immigration reform to disturbing stances on climate change and bank regulation/deregulation  that have not evolved like being pro-keystone pipeline and anti-glass steagall – all of these choices she’s made have proven her lack of foresight and inability to enact any real change with respect to the future. Berners don’t trust that she’ll “evolve” or worse, trust her NOT to “devolve” on these issues. But let’s stop arguing about it because it has nothing to do with ANYTHING ending in -gate. (And deep down, you know that. Shhh… it’s okay. We know…)

3.) Anger.

In the wake of all of this sprung super pacs designated to Correct the Record,” and a plethora of other questionable tactics because there’s more than reason to believe that this revolution threatens the establishment and, indeed, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. While Bernie supporters who took “Bernie or Bust” positions were suggested to be the equivalent of toddlers throwing a tantrum – Hillary continued to drop in the polls. We know how frustrating it is, we’ve been there. I mean, not really –  but it has certainly been reported that way. And then, of course, our dear CNN came out with this juicy nugget:

“On the Republican side, Trump scores a net negative of -33, with a favorable rating of 24% compared to 57% of voters who view him unfavorably. On the Democratic side, Clinton fares only slightly better with a net negative of -21, registering a 31% favorable rating and a 52% unfavorable rating, according to the poll.”

That’s gotta sting. Would you like some ice for that Bern?

Get it out. You know what happens when you don’t let all that anger out, right? Ask a Trump supporter, they know ALL about that

4.) Bargaining.

:“You don’t want Trump to win, do you?” “If you don’t hold your nose and vote for Hillary, we’ll have TRUMP!!!” Ahhh, yes. The Republican Boogeyman tactic. Big, bad, scary Trump. Did you really think that “strategy” was going to work against a supporter base who’s largely ANTI-establishment? We don’t like Trump. That goes without saying. But I think it’s safe to say that we like Hillary even less! The definition of insanity is voting for the same candidate over and over again, and expecting different results.

Let me break down for you what the average Bernie supporter thinks of Trump. Trump hasn’t committed crimes that have gone and continue to go unpunished. Trump hasn’t (at least not yet) instigated distention in the middle east or accepted campaign donations from middle eastern dictators, princes, or regime leaders. Donald Trump never participated in arms deals that put militarized weapons in the hands of terrorists. He also wasn’t responsible for what happened to Gaddafi (nor did he laugh about Gaddafi being lynched in the streets by Isis.) He’s never voted for a war that cost us innumerable lives and trillions of dollars, that essentially warranted no gains WHATSOEVER.

For all intents and purposes – Donald Trump is just a lot of talk. On the other hand – Hillary is a lot of dubious, apocryphal, and absolutely calamitous action. Can you see the disparity? We sure can. And it’s not just a matter or “the lesser of two evils,” because – to us – they are really EQUALLY “evil.” That really is the bottom line.

5.) Depression.

This is arguably the stage you’re in now, realizing the state of affairs – in that there’s no way to “unify the party,” because this arduous debate is more likely, at the end of the day, to destroy the party. In a previous blog, I demonstrated how 91.41% of Bernie Sanders’ supporters would NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she were the democratic nominee. Regardless of whether you believe that number to be true – the number far exceeds half, or even three-quarters of Bernie’s supporter base, respectively. That number grows daily, and is almost as pervasive as Hillary’s egregious unfavorable rating. 

With the national convention on the near horizon, and the media purporting that Bernie’s supoorters were “violent” at the Nevada convention seemingly trying to suggest that the same might happen at the national convention – you’re reasonably scared. But you don’t need to be. Can we account for the actions of every single Bernie Sanders supporter and what they will or will not do at the convention? No. But neither can any Hillary Clinton supporter. But seeing as the supposed “violence” at the Nevada convention was an outright lie – I’d say we have about an equal chance of some one or multiple people becoming unreasonably violent at the national convention in either camp. 

I know you’d love to believe the sky is falling, but it’s not. That brings us to the last two stages of grieving – which is where the recovery really happens.

6.) Testing.

So, are you finally willing to talk this one out without hyperbole and having an “us” verses “them” mentality? Because the truth is – we’re all in this together. Like it or not, we’re all inhabitants of this country, and the vested interest is that we achieve what’s best for all of us, right? So, if we can put aside our differences and biases about each other and the candidates – do we really actually want the same things? I’m willing to bet that the answer to that question is YES. 

I think that we can agree that the arguing, the bullying, the trolling, and the general distention are not getting any of us anywhere with respect to unity. If we can choose to change the approach to how we speak to each other – exude a little more empathy and a lot less intolerance – we can go into this convention with a fresh perspective.

Logical debate is what we need, because (to put it in a clever metaphor) we are all a part of a body. You, Hillary supporters, are the arms. You may have a lot of pull, and it goes without saying that you’ve definitely got a thumb or two in this (be it Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ thumb on the scale or your own on the convention, itself.) Bernie supporters are the legs. We’re the foundation of truly progressive ideologies and we surely have the momentum on our side. Our candidates, respectively, are the head of this metaphorical body. Inside that head is a brain –  which controls the nervous system, which in turn gives signals to the arms and the legs as to what to do.

I don’t hear either candidate saying that we shouldn’t all try to get along! We may have to agree to disagree on certain things – but we could all use a little more open-mindedness so that we can set our differences aside for the greater good. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you’re willing to compromise and give Bernie the nomination. You achieve what you want on a political level (Bernie can and will achieve the policies you hold dear), and we don’t have to suffer 4-8 years of incremental change and potential destruction. Think it through, carefully.

7.) Acceptance.

Policy-wise, there’s very little we disagree on, I’d say the only real difference is that Bernie has some added policies (like getting money out of politics, breaking up the big banks, free college, and single-payer healthcare) but to the core, if you only look at Hillary’s evolved” stances on policy – we are fundamentally the same. That’s what makes this whole argument so ridiculous! If you believe that universal healthcare, and free college tuition are “pie in the sky,” so be it! What if it does happen? It would still align with core values we share on humanity, as independents, liberals, and Democrats. If we were truly unified – these things would be so much easier!

This revolution is going to happen with or without Bernie. But it will be a whole lot easier with a truly progressive president. It’s going to happen because we refuse to give up. You’ve already seen how relentless we can be! And you can doubt the revolution too – but I challenge you to just wait and see.

This revolution is hinged upon our faith in each other and I’ll tell you this much – I have so much more faith in my fellow compatriots than I ever did before this primary season began. I am truly inspired, and so are millions of others. We’ve been awakened and our strength comes from knowing there are so many others out there, like us, who are fighting every day for the things we believe in. I invite you, too, Hillary supporters… Come and be inspired!

We get that you’re uncomfortable with change and that the path you’re on seems, to you, the most logical one. One way or another, you’ll be shaken out of your comfort zone after November. You just have to choose whether or not you want the victorious gratification – or the rude awakening.

I hope you join us. You may be able to thwart Bernie Sanders being the democratic nominee and therefore – the president. But I want to extend to you the chance to be a part of something beautiful, instead.

(Tip: There’s a wealth of knowledge in the links, clicking them will have a drastic and damaging effect on your ignorance. You’ve been warned!)


I Love People Who Love Bernie Sanders

All credit to The Independent Thinker. Maybe the Independent Thinker is embarking upon an Ineffable Sonder. 😂 I know my ineffable sonder led me to be an independent thinker! Read on…


bernie-sanders-portlandorI love people who love Bernie Sanders.

They are intelligent.

They see through bullshit.

They seek truth.

They strive to be fair.

Each one of them is a daily reminder to me that the world is okay.

Before this happened, I wasn’t so sure some days.

From the time I was a kid I knew that the fix was in and I just wanted to Rage Against the Machine…

But no one would rage with me.

Everyone was watching football.

I was the only one protesting.

Why couldn’t I just relax and watch American Idol?

Why was I angry about what was happening to others?

The world was going to hell and no one noticed…or cared.

When I found out Bernie was running I knew it would change my life.

I ran to my girlfriend’s house and said

“You know the Senator from Vermont that I like? He’s running for…

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DNC: This Is Your Wake Up Call


I have spent the last three months compiling data over three separate surveys. At 95% confidence, and within a 3.7% +/- margin of error, 91.41% of Bernie Sanders supporters will not be voting for Hillary Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee.

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about why that is. Bernie Sanders supporters consist of a diversity of people, from all walks of life. Each demographic has their own motives, but essentially what it boils down to is that we disagree on a fundamental level about money in politics.

The older generation, and GenX crowd witnessed the erosion of the Democratic Party into center-right policy and lukewarm opposition to right-wing extremism that has allowed our government to become beholden to corporations and big money.


The younger generation, the millenials who are professed to be the so-called “majority” of Bernie Sanders’ supporter base have inherited the debts and mistakes of lawmakers who have only represented such a small portion of the American population that there’s nothing left for them to identify with or relate to.

Roughly 23% of the whole, these millenials have no false sense of entitlement – the “good old days” of social and economic equality are completely unknown to them. Is it any wonder why their ideals are pushed off and seen as “lofty,” “pie in the sky,” and dismissed as near impossible?

Establishment politics and government have stamped a bar code on the foreheads of the middle class and the poor. The DNC has treated us more like a consumer base than the supporters of a candidate… And don’t get me started on the mainstream media. Sanders has been branded a socialist, far left, “fringe candidate.” Meanwhile, the narrative is “Trump is scary, please vote for Hillary regardless.” Only we’re not buying it.

If we owe the millenials anything within this entire campaign, it’s most certainly their proclivity to obtaining credible information from the areas they’ve been most accustomed. (The internet, YouTube, social media, etc.)

As a result, like a tidal wave, the vast majority of Sanders’ supporters quit buying into the propaganda machine, that in previous elections was the mechanism you all have used to garner support for your preferred candidates.


All of this is useful information, but I have yet to even get to the most earth shattering statistics. The data trends have also shown that after the New York primary, the margin of those who were undecided about voting for Hillary completely vanished.

The Democratic Party is falling apart right before your eyes. This is a train rolling steadily forward, and the party, itself, is tied to the tracks. On one side of you is a candidate wrought with corruption and innumerable scandals, and with questionable morality – flailing at the multitude of stones being thrown at her – and she can’t save you because she’s too busy saving herself.

On your other side is this outsider who empathizes with your situation.(Hint: It’s all of our situations but we have a different perspective.) He’s standing on the platform, millions of people behind him. To spite what you may believe about his loyalties, the enormous crowd behind him need only say the word and he would ensure you’d be freed from those oppressive chains.

The truth is, 61% identify as Democrat if they can vote for Bernie Sanders in November. Only just under 7% say they’ll stay with the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee.



This is serious. And before you dismiss these Democrats as those who’ve switched parties to vote in the primaries for Bernie, let me go ahead and dispel any would-be theory.



The above questions came from two separate surveys and as you can see, it’s still within the margin of error. You can also see that there are twice as many pre-Bernie Democrats as there are independents. That’s 25% additional voters in November. 25% additional that Hillary Clinton could not garner, herself. That should factor into your overall decision.

It goes without saying that in national polls, Bernie beats every Republican candidate by a landslide. Meanwhile Hillary has, in at least one poll presented on Huffpost – LOST to (of all candidates) Kasich. Her slight dominance over the other two potential candidates isn’t strong, and in fact, grows weaker each poll. Unfortunately, her favorability rating seems to drop daily and she’s yet to even face off with the Republicans, who will not be kind to her.


One in ten, or 12.9% Bernie supporters would actually vote for Trump because they are so disgusted with the system consistently giving us the perceived choice of the lesser of two evils. And you could argue that Hillary is, in fact, the lesser of two evils.

But those who would vote against Hillary believe her stances on foreign policy, the countless times she’s voted in the “wrong” direction, and her overall dishonesty speak volumes more to her character than do Trump’s insults, or Cruz’s delusions. Personally, I can’t blame them, though I, myself, wouldn’t vote for Trump, or any Republican.


I had originally thought of creating these surveys to prove that the mainstream media’s representation of Bernie Sanders supporters was, and continues to be grossly inaccurate. After reading an open letter to Bernie Sanders by a superdelegate in California – I realized that there must be many superdelegates who’ve bought the media’s pitch and therefore are not truly aware of the potential disaster that awaits the Democratic Party in November if Hillary is the nominee.

These surveys were designed to cross check each other. Respondents are from a variety of social media venues and many are not the same between surveys. Roughly one-third of all respondents took all three surveys. Either way, this isn’t rocket science. The numbers don’t lie. This train is coming and the choice you all will have to make is critical to the future of our country.

I do apologize for imposing this crisis of conscience upon you. But THE PEOPLE have been waiting for you, and we’re ready to do whatever it takes because for us – it’s our livelihoods at stake, it’s the future of this great nation. Bernie supporters are not just going to wake up one day having forgotten the atrocities committed by the DNC’s choice candidate. More to the point, the trust we presently have in the DNC weighs entirely upon July’s convention.


Our trust in the “system” has already been shaken.


No one knows who’s at fault here, but we do know who’s benefiting directly from the overwhelming amount of discrepancies, primarily in closed primary states. To ignore the clear evidence at the exit polls is nearly complicit. Where most democratic countries would not stand for a deviation in the exit polls beyond 4%, here in America, it doesn’t even get press coverage.


Almost two thirds of Bernie Sanders’ supporter base calls themselves a Democrat, so whatever the issue is – the DNC has yet to take a stand against voter suppression in a way that appeases both Democratic candidates’ supporters.

To us, this is why the question of Bernie’s loyalty is ludicrous. Where has the establishment or the Democratic Party shown loyalty to its constituents? Why should we commit to a party that has left many of us disenfranchised and without a voice? Bernie’s comment “We’ll see,” in reference to whether or not he would support the DNC no doubt refers to his commitment to the people and the “If” exists only to ensure that the DNC does its due diligence to the people.

We all know that Bernie is first and foremost loyal to the people. That is incredibly commendable and perhaps a large reason why the majority of us are so fervent in his favor, as well.

In the face of being disenfranchised by those who’ve claimed to have our best interests at heart, we’ve found no error in calling ourselves “Bernie or Bust.” All for a man with more integrity, and who’s been more honest, and courageous than any candidate many of us have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in our lifetime. He’s the embodiment of what we’ve thought and felt for years about government and the way things are done – but had always thought “it’s just the way things are.”

On critical issues like the pollution and destruction of our environment by way of fracking, and the pollution and destruction of our democracy by way of greed infiltrating our government and political system, as well as critical social issues beyond what Hillary had only evolved on as it became politically expedient, for countless smears against Bernie AND his supporters – for these reasons and many more, we cannot – in good conscience – EVER vote for Hillary Clinton. Unifying the party is not an option if the option is Hillary.



We don’t want our children and grandchildren subjected to the same vicious money grubbing system, with a price tag on their dreams and aspirations. It’s come to our attention that this is not “just the way it is,” and that we have the power to make things better for the generations to come in the hopes that maybe they won’t inherit the same burden.

Please stand with us, we ask this in kind. The DNC stands between Bernie and a presidency representative of the people. And we the people stand between the DNC and a victory for the Democrats.


A right and fair election would demonstrate how incredibly large our numbers are. We don’t have that luxury. But I’m confident that justice will prevail and the people will have the candidate that they feel most represents their best interests. I’m hopeful that history will reflect this pinnacle moment as one where love, honesty, integrity, and freedom won.

That’s all up to you.





An Open Letter To The California Superdelegate Who Wrote An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders

First off, let me apologize to you. You should not, and neither should any other superdelegates, be receiving any harassing phone calls, mail, tweets, facebook posts, or email from Bernie supporters urging you to change your endorsement. It’s rude and uncalled for, especially when the convention isn’t even until after the primaries.

That being said, I wholeheartedly disagree with your reason for continuing your support of Hillary Clinton – if only because a lot of what you mentioned in your open letter was based on half truths.

Bernie Sanders has identified as an independent but has worked with and been on more than a few Democratic committees during his time as a senator. Also during that time, he has raised money and endorsed several Democrats to show his support in many ideals and policies shared by Democrats. Did you bother to look into that before making an assumption based on a news interview that everyone knows can’t be all inclusive insofar as either party, be it the reporter, or the guest (in this case, Bernie, himself) actually being able to say everything they need to say?

The point missed – amidst the confusion of fervent Bernie supporters not exuding very good judgement in their methods of urging superdelegates to change their endorsements – is that, to spite the media’s representation of Bernie, the fact of the matter is that there are millions of uncounted votes in closed primaries all for Bernie who will be voting in the general election, one way or another based on who the Democratic nominee is. Why not welcome the millions of independent voters who will be registered as Democrats and would continue to support the DNC and the Democratic Party if Bernie were the nominee? In all likelihood, you’ll need those votes if the Democrats want to have any chance at winning against the Republicans. Why? Because 9 out of every 10 Bernie supporters will NOT be voting for Hillary Clinton.


In fact, there are twice as many registered Democrats as independents voting for Bernie. How many do you think will stay with the party if Hillary is the nominee? 11.1% is your answer.



If your true interest is sustaining the Democratic Party and voting for the most logical nominee to win the general election – then your logic is grossly backwards. And, of course this is just my opinion, I would venture to say that if the will of the people (not exclusive to Democrats, but also independents who largely vote Democratic, anyway) isn’t represented by the establishment, then it just might mean the end of the Democratic Party in favor of a party that the people feel truly represents them.

In polls across the nation, Bernie garners 62% of the support. Sure, that’s not the primaries and caucuses – but I implore you to at least try and acknowledge the possibility that it COULD be accurate, and being that there are thousands of disenfranchised voters out there who most certainly won’t be for the general election, it’s more than just a feint possibility.

I would also urge you to think about the poll data presented here, as CNN has conducted polls with far fewer respondents, though they seem to think that’s a reasonable amount of people to collect random data from to form a close to accurate prediction.

11.1%, and that number keeps dropping the more respondents take the survey, and I’d be happy to share it with you as it progresses. But just yesterday, it was 12%. The fact is, a lot of true democrats have lost faith in the Democratic Party over the years and it’s time that the DNC recognizes that!

We felt disenfranchised when Gore lost the election, and just how many fewer people voted in the following elections? It’s been on a decline for over a decade now. I, myself, quit voting after Gore lost to Bush because I felt like my vote really didn’t matter anymore. And until Bernie Sanders, I would have never dreamed I would ever register to vote again! That’s why so many of us are so incredibly fervent about ONLY voting in favor of Bernie – no matter what that means. Writing him in, voting Green Party or Libertarian, voting Republican to prove to you that Hillary is not the nominee the MAJORITY of this country as a whole want, or again, not even voting because so many believe the system is rigged.


The missing percentage (0.54%) is “I don’t know.”

Please forgive our incredible fervor in pressuring you and other superdelegates. To us, it’s more than just about red and blue. There’s no excuse for bad behavior, but you cannot blame us for feeling so strongly, and loving our country so much that we’d go to extreme measures to have our voices heard. (When’s the last time you encountered such passion from constituents of a particular candidate?)

Your vote is worth hundreds, if not thousands of votes – and there are thousands, if not millions of people without a voice in the overwhelming amount of inconsistency and possibly “conspiracy,” and it feels, to us, to be much more than mere coincidence. Especially when, even after discovery of these mishaps (peoples’ registration changing from Democrat to Republican or independent, purging of hundreds of thousands of registered voters in primarily Bernie favored locations, changing the allotted time to vote in a given day from 15hrs (6am-9pm) to just 9hrs (12pm-9pm) in Bernie favored locations, the list goes on and on) nothing gets resolved! Who’s standing up for these disenfranchised voters? Certainly not Hillary’s delegates. Shouldn’t we ALL care about the sanctity of each vote, regardless of allegiance?

You mentioned Arizona, completely failing to acknowledge all of the voters there – Democrats, no less – as if there’s no way a revote could mean a Bernie victory! If they do, indeed, get a revote, the majority of people there now believe that Hillary or the DNC might be behind this mass madness to the degree that there are even more Bernie supporters there now than there were before their initial primary. Who’s to say that the superdelegate there didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders for the same reason? Are you empathetic or apathetic to the people there who have been treated as if they don’t matter, their votes aren’t important, and neither the DNC, board of elections, or county officials thought they should do anything about it until protests would not let up?

It’s your job to choose the strongest candidate to beat the Republican nominee and Clinton only is projected to win by 8 points with Trump and 1 point with Cruz. Bernie beats them both by double digits. Your stance, and the stances of so many superdelegates defies logic in the form of credible data – which really begs the questions, “What’s really going on here? Is there just an agenda to get Hillary nominated instead of Bernie, no matter what?”

You, and the DNC are losing constituents daily because of your inability to budge on this matter. It seems to me that it’s counterproductive no matter what way you want to look at it. Again, all but 11.1% of us are more than willing to denounce the Democratic Party altogether given the circumstances, and to spite the enormous amount of pressure to be loyal to the party, regardless. How in the world is this not important to you, also? Is your allegiance to Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders’ comment “We’ll see,” no doubt mirrors the concerns of the people. He’s more inclined to favor us over you, and that is the point. It’s admirable and honorable, and not a question of loyalty to the party, itself. What he’s REALLY saying is that if the DNC is willing to get behind him as 62% of the nation has gotten behind him, then he will undoubtedly get behind you. Until the DNC demonstrates that it it sides with the overwhelming majority of the people, the people will NOT be demonstrating their previous loyalty to the party as a whole, and Bernie Sanders stands WITH us, get it?


I’m sure you’re very busy and don’t have time to do your research on these things. That’s OK, for that you can be forgiven. But we cannot forgive willful ignorance and turning a blind eye to the facts. Bernie has won in the states that matter. The states that vote Blue. The same states where only 11% would vote for Hillary in the general election. Bernie Sanders has done exceedingly well even at his weakest.


The evidence at your fingertips could not be more clear.

I completely understand a personal loyalty to Hillary Clinton. I really do. She, as well as Bill, have been unabashedly loyal to the Democratic Party for many years. And this wouldn’t even be a question if your single vote weren’t worth so many. For your single vote, if it counted as only one, your personal preference is given the utmost respect. If you’re willing to let the DNC commit social suicide because your vote is equivalent to hundreds or thousands – by all means, go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot. But at the end of all of this, you might regret not siding with Bernie when NOT doing so costs you the loyalty of MILLIONS of voters who will leave the party in ruin after the votes cast in November tell the TRUE story of how the DNC misrepresented the people and lost the election.

You can’t always believe what you hear on the news. I hope this sheds some light on the gravity of the situation. I truly regret that you’ve been so accosted previous to this letter. Hopefully, you’ll receive it well, regardless. So much depends upon it.

P. S. Do you really believe that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t do his due diligence to the Democratic Party if he were the nominee? To insinuate that he wouldn’t be able to secure the funds needed to win the general election is absurd. He’s out-fundraised Hillary every month this quarter. What HE might be suggesting is that you wouldn’t do yours, and by your tone, I’m inclined to feel the same.

P. P. S. The New York Times is going to discredit Bernie? That’s a shocker. A publishing company who’s parent company endorses Hillary Clinton putting up a smear campaign against Bernie, has the Democratic Party really deteriorated into resorting to Republican tactics? You really have no clue about what’s happening within the Democratic Party, do you? A train is rushing down the tracks about to collide with everything you hold dear – and you’re clinging to the hope that somehow the establishment could win the hearts and minds of these Bernie Sanders supporters, only there’s no hope for that. Less than 2% rely on mainstream media for their information, and no one is buying the propaganda anymore, Bob. You’re really underestimating the demographic, here. You’re in for a rude awakening if you believe the same old tactics are going to work this time around. And whether you like or not, you NEED us.


P.P.P.S. We The People can speak for ourselves. You got your apology, and your attempt to place blame on Bernie has earned you no merit with those of us who know better than to trust anything you, or any establishment Democrat has to say. Now, I’ve heard Bernie Sanders described many ways. “Selfish” has never been one of them. Even Republicans have remarked on his honesty, compassion, and standing up for what he believes in. You have the audacity to classify a genuinely selfless man as selfish because he won’t play your money games or participate in your hierarchy? Shame on you.

Don’t say that nobody warned you.