The Truth is…

The truth is… I’m tired of debating politics. I think, sometimes, people forget we are all human beings here. Further – we’re souls traversing dimensions most of us can’t even imagine.

I have thought about who I will vote for, but I’m not sure it matters. There’s a deeper issue – an underlying problem that has NOTHING to do with who sits in the oval office come January of 2017. This problem pervades any and all opinions hinging on biases and personal fears. The problem isn’t Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.

The problem is us.

We let our fears consume us, as a culture. Even to a point where we spew venom at any who oppose what we believe in. Every one of us is so bent on being “right” – that we forget to look in the mirror.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the evils in this world exist “out there.”

The truth is… The evil exists within us, too. We are just too blinded by our own integrated belief systems to see it.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the only way we can achieve any form of fulfillment in life is to give of ourselves only within the realm of the tangible.

The truth is… The most beautiful things we can do for others exist within the same realm as God – within the intangible.

Money is another form of energy we can give and receive. But it’s not the only form of currency we have to offer. So much of our existence is based upon money.

The truth is… Money, in the grand scheme of things, only has value to those who don’t take it for granted. That is to say, our feelings about it – when it is given to us, how we obtain it, where it comes from – are more important than the tangible aspect as it exists in our world.

We have the best of ourselves tucked away behind this facade of fear and personal turmoil, believing that God is “out there,” too. Why haven’t we discovered that God is “in here” as well?

The truth is… We are the universe experiencing itself, and we all have God within us to guide us. When “our will” alligns with “his will,” we see how the world around us flourishes and we inherently recognize the beauty in others, regardless of our differences.

“Someone who knows God has dropped the knife. They have dropped the cruel knife that so many use upon their tender self, and others.” -Hafiz

(I use a quote by a Muslim intentionally here.)

When we are blinded by fear – we hurt others, and disregard their feelings, entirely. I could almost quote Yoda here – “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering…”

If we consider ourselves to be relatively spiritually fine tuned – then we understand that forgiveness is something needed more by the giver than the receiver. It doesn’t serve us to hold on to that negativity, in the end – it hurts us more than it could ever hurt them.

The same is true of our fears. If we let them fester and boil into anger, we are the ones who suffer more for our own hatred than those we inflict with our hate. We turn the knife on ourselves, as well as others.

I can’t say that I agree with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, or the bullying of entire groups of people based on their religion, class, sexual preference, or gender identity. But the truth is… to “hate” them (the racists, the homophobes, the xenophobes, and the misogynists)  – even to berate them, belittle them, and call them on their ignorance is essentially reinforcing the ideology that what they are doing is OK – because we lead by example. Hating them is the exact same thing as them hating me, or anyone else, for any reason… It’s still hate.

The truth is…  I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m tired of looking at the world around me and thinking it could crumble at any given moment. I’m choosing not to be afraid anymore.

I’m not afraid of Trump becoming president – because I know God is within me, and so long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, I do so knowing that I am not alone. Good will triumph over evil.

I’m not afraid of anyone else’s free will. We all have a thing or two (to put it gently) to learn on our own personal walks. None will ever become an impedance on mine.

I’m not afraid of bigots and racists. I will always stand up for the oppressed, but I will do so with kindness and mercy. Give them grace – they need to learn this very valuable lesson, anyway. I’m going to show them, in the hopes that someday that seed will touch fertile ground within their souls. (I’m not the first to have this dream.)

I know I can’t fix the world around me – any more than I can expect any candidate for president to fix all of these broken, and fearful people.

The only thing any of us can really do is fix ourselves. Let that seed that someone else who showed us kindness take root in our souls and pay it forward. Embrace those around us with love and mercy. Lead by example – it’s easy to be kind to someone who is kind to us, it’s being kind to those who are not that takes extreme courage and integrity.

I implore you all to take a close look at your own fears, and examine them fully. Make the necessary effort to face those fears.

And please, drop the knife.


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