The Best Place To Start Is The Beginning


My name is Andi. I’ve never been good with introductions – but I’ll do my best here to make your acquaintance.

I was born in a small town in Ohio and I don’t really ever want to go back. I now live in Florida – which has been something of a dream of mine for many years.

I created this blog to be an avenue for my emotions to flow freely. For that reason, I am going to let it take whatever shape it wants and will know more as I go along and until then – you can expect some rambling and stories of things from my past, aspirations for the future, and just about everything I am thinking about right now.

Life is a journey we can only understand by moving forward and overcoming whatever hurdles and obstacles we face. Our attitudes and reactions to those challenges is what builds our character and helps us determine not only how others feel about us – but how we feel about ourselves.

The most thrilling thing in life – for me – is having the opportunity to be a part of serendipitous situations in other peoples’ lives, as well as my own. I mean, I am always present in my own life, completely. But bearing witness to the tiny miracles around me have been my direct channel to “god.” You never have to feel small if you come to that understanding that you’re a part of the “bigger picture.”

And so, I’ve been relentless in my endeavors to achieve my own definition of enlightenment through random acts of kindness and getting out of my own way so that I’m doing what comes most naturally and it’s completely from my heart.

This is me.

I hope we become great friends.


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